VINEYARD: Gepin, the highest of the company.
Altitude: 300 m asl.
Soil: clayey – calcareous more loose than in the Barolo area. Exposure: south-west.
Production: 70 q x ha
Training system: classic guyot.

The vinification takes place in steel tanks, with the submerged cap system and the maceration of the marc lasts at least 30 days. The fermentation temperature is controlled and maintained around 25 ° C. The malolactic fermentation takes place at the end of fermentation and racking. Aging lasts no less than 3 years exclusively in new barriques and at least another year in the bottle before being released on the market.

Garnet red color. Very intense on the nose where gentian and other medicinal herbs predominate, elegantly combined with a note of jam. It is supported by a remarkable tannic texture and a marked and varied blend of blackberry, raspberry and wild strawberry jams. Long aftertaste and ethereal in its scents.
Serving temperature 18 ° C.